Dakin Dairy Farms / Myakka City, FL

dakindairyfarms.com Our fresh, local milks, heavy cream, half & half, and buttermilk come to us from Dakin Dairy Farms, whose mission is to produce superior quality, wholesome, farm fresh dairy products from healthy cows using environmentally sustainable practices and state-of-the-art methods.

Hot Tomatoes Company – Tampa, FL

  Mr. Rupert and his company sources the best Florida Tomatoes and strawberries depending on the season. They move from region depending on growers and Season. Farms from Ona, Ruskin and Plant City Florida are among the regions they source their tomatoes.

Markon Food Cooperative – Salinas, CA

markon.com Many of our leafy greens and vegetables come to us from the Markon Food Cooperative, who have been providing the finest in fruits and vegetables from the most dependable growers for over 25 years.

Tebella Tea Company / Tampa, FLL

tebellatea.com Our tea selection comes from TeBella Tea Company, who work with farmers around the globe to provide superior quality and freshness in their many Fair Trade and Organic teas.